Up to 90% of a home can be recyclyed

I have always been fascinated, with the amount of “waste” that gets put into the landfill every year.  I am specifically interested in how much construction waste gets tossed away.  I have grown up on construction sites, and 9 out of 10 times on sites, there is a bin.  usually about 10 ft tall, so you can’t see into them, and 15-30 ft wide.  I have seen everything go into these bins.  Leftovers from a bagged lunch that a co worker didn’t want anymore, beer cans or bottles from a couple drinks after a long week, a huge amount of coffee cups from the bosses truck that he cleans out once a week, drywall scraps from the renovation that is being done, old and new insulation from the house, wood(not just scraps, but full pieces of lumber), shingles, nails, screws, flooring, broken tools, the list can go on and on.

I have created this blog, to show the wider community, that there is some amazing people, creating some beautiful things, out of salvaged and re purposed materials. I have attached a number of links, of only a hand full of people and places, that are helping to make a shift, and change old paradigms, of what can and can’t be done in the building world.

This couple, created a house, out of entirely salvaged, and re purposed material.


This photographer, made an amazing art and education exhibit, out of plastic he got from all of the city.


This is a list of tiny homes made of salvaged and re purposed materials.  Tiny homes are growing in popularity, and I will be doing another blog post about them in the coming weeks


O.U.R. Ecovillage on Vancouver Island, is a permaculture and natural building demonstration site, and have built numerous buildings and educated thousands of people on the value of using salvaged material, and natural building practices.


I thank you for your time and checking out my first blog post!


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